Are the Best Mortgage Rates Enough?

10/09/2013 13:22

Aren’t you tired of seeing banners after banners shown online by companies saying that they have the best mortgage rates available anywhere? As you may have noticed, the word best has come into an abused state wherein we no longer find it credible. Let us analyze this a bit closer and see if we can make better choices. There are some factors that we need to look into before we actually choose a company:

Your credit

This is a huge factor that needs to be considered because your interest rates will somehow be impacted by this. If you have better credit rating then you will be entitled to lower interest rates. If you have time to really invest in credit repair you may want to do it since this can mean savings on your part.


As much as possible go for the shortest term. This should allow you to pay the least amount of interest. On the other hand the amortization is going to be really expensive so you better find that sweet spot wherein you can afford the payments and you are not tied down to it for too long.


Some individuals would usually opt for the maximum amount possible. Now before you even decide on getting a mortgage, you better decide on the amount that you need. Do not forget that this is borrowed money and you will have to pay it back with interest.

This is why before you go for the company that claims it has the best mortgage rates, take a look at the factors that would actually affect those rates. The quotes that you will be getting online will not be 100% accurate and it can either go up or down depending on factors mentioned above as well as others that the company would look into. Be the wise consumer that you are and research on this before you make the commitment.